When Was Chevrolet Founded?

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Chevrolet was officially founded on November 3, 1911 in Detroit, Michigan. Who founded this legendary automobile company? What was Chevrolet like in the early days? What does its logo mean? Read on below to learn more about the rich history of the Chevy brand, and contact us today about test driving a new model and joining a large community of happy Elgin Chevy drivers!

Who Founded Chevrolet?

As mentioned, Chevrolet was founded in 1911 in Detroit. It’s inception is owed to Louis Chevrolet, a swiss racecar driver and engineer, and co-founder William C. Durant who began working with Louis Chevrolet after he was fired from his position as president of General Motors. Here are some highlights of the early Chevrolet days:

  • 1918: Durant wanted his position within General Motors back, and initiated a reverse merger with Chevrolet and GM to regain it. At this point, Chevy and GM were rejoined.
  • 1919: Durant was again fired. A new president was chosen to lead the Chevy brand: Alfred Sloan. Under his leadership, the Chevy mission became to make “a car for every purse and every purpose”
  • 1929: Chevrolet surpassed Ford as the best selling automobiles in the United States.

The Chevrolet Logo

There is some controversy regarding the true history of the Chevrolet logo. While we know for sure when was Chevrolet founded and who founded Chevrolet, we aren’t sure of the logo’s origin story. Which do you think is most likely?:

  • Inspired by the wallpaper in a French hotel Durant had stayed at
  • A doodle Louis Chevrolet made on a napkin at the dinner table
  • A version of a logo from and old-time coaling company

Whatever it’s real roots are, it’s undeniable that the Chevrolet logo is a familiar sight throughout the streets of %%arget_city_1%%, Streamwood, and all over the world. The shining Chevrolet “bowtie,” as it is referred to, is a symbol of American prosperity and craftsmanship.

Learn More About Chevy History at Biggers Chevrolet

If you enjoyed learning when Chevrolet was founded and who founded Chevrolet, you may want to learn more from our expert Chevy team here at Biggers Chevrolet. Contact us today with questions about our current lineup of classic and new vehicles, or anything else! We look forward to hearing from our Bartlett area neighbors like you.

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