The Biggers Benefits of Leasing a Car


It’s inevitable that at some point a car shopper is going to be faced with the question of whether to buy or to lease. While there are advantages to both, we here at Biggers Chevrolet think there are certain benefits to leasing a Tahoe or Equinox that Chicagoland drivers should definitely take into consideration.

  • Lower Monthly Payments: When leasing a car, you only pay the depreciation, which is generally 30% to 60% less than what you’d pay when purchasing a vehicle.
  • Pay Less Up-Front: Most car leases provide you with the option of no down payment, which means more cash in your pocket. Of course, if you do decide to make a down payment or trade in your old car, it will help to make your monthly payments even lower.
  • Tax Savings: Instead of making the sales tax payment in one lump sum, as you have to do with an auto loan, leasing allows you to spread out the payments over your term.
  • Save on Maintenance Costs: By choosing a lease term that coincides with the car’s warranty, all maintenance and repairs will be covered.
  • No Used Car Headaches: Unless you decide to buy or trade in your lease vehicle, all you have to do at the end of the term is return it to the leasing company, and you’re done. You don’t have to hassle with selling a used car.
  • Gap Coverage: The majority of car leases provide “gap” protection, which will pay off your lease in the event that the car is stolen or totaled – even if your insurance won’t cover it. In general, car loans do not include gap protection.
  • Biggers Benefits: Biggers Chevrolet is one of the largest auto dealerships in Illinois, so we are able to offer you some especially attractive, low lease specials. In conjunction with Chevy’s outstanding lease incentives, this means that you’ll find the best leasing deals available in the greater Chicago area. Take a look at our current specials, and then get in touch with us to schedule a test drive for your favorite discounted Chevy model!

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