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Since 1934, Chevrolet drivers have been treated with the Chevy Suburban. The Suburban sports the longest use automobile nameplate in production, and with good reason. Drivers in South Elgin and Schaumburg can visit Biggers Chevy today to check out this four-door SUV. From the first generation to the current model, the Suburban has been a top choice of Chevy drivers.

History of the Suburban

Production began in 1935 as a station-wagon bodied version of the pickup. Traditionally, it’s been one of the top sellers on the market, although due to gasoline prices over the last few years, sales have declined.

Up until the seventh generation Suburban (1967-1972), this auto had only been offered as a 2-door wagon or carryall. It was with this model that an additional door was added, giving consumers a 3-door vehicle as compared to the previous options.

The four-door Chevy Suburban was introduced beginning with the eighth generation. The body style had remained similar to what customers were used to for 19 years. In addition, there was now front and rear air conditioning, a baggage rack, and a heater under the third seat. For the first time, the big block V8 engine was now available.

Today’s Chevy Suburban

The latest design of the Chevrolet Suburban was created with more modern styling and less boxy as in the past. The newer design has made the latest generation of Suburban models more aerodynamic.

Not only was the exterior redesigned, but improvements and additions were also made to the interior. Owners now get a newly designed dashboard and improved seats with seating for up to 9 passengers. In 2010, this four-door vehicle was named by U.S. News & Report as the number one affordable large SUV.

Three new colors are available on the 2013 model year Suburban, which is expected to debut in the fall of 2013 as a 2014 model: Champagne Silver Metallic, Concord Metallic, and Blue Ray Metallic. In addition, the Powertrain Grade Braking is new.

Visit Biggers Chevy and Check Out the Chevy Suburban

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