The Chevrolet Express 2500 Has Been the Go-To Cargo Van For Years

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The Chevrolet Express 2500 Has Been the Go-To Cargo Van For Years

Manufactured since the mid-90s, the Chevrolet Express has long been the key to many workers’ transportation problems. The versatile van can be used for moving cargo or as an effective transport for up to 15 people. It can be used to tow, shuttle people to the airport, take kids to school, and has even been used as a school bus. This van has helped so many people throughout the years and Biggers Chevrolet wanted to take a look at the history of the Express.

1987 Gas Turbine Concept

Before the Express was a van, it was actually a very futuristic concept car housing the gas turbine. Meant to show what a car in an area with limited-access highways would be like, the Express concept could run at a constant 150 mph. It looked straight out of a science fiction novel with cameras replacing mirrors, covered wheels, and was accessible through a roof hatch.

The Express Becomes a Van

Built to replace the simply named Chevrolet Van, the Express was released in 1996. Before that, the Chevrolet Van had been basically the same in terms of materials and the company thought it deserved a modern upgrade. There were three different models and several engine choices including inline six cylinders, V8 engines, and even a 6.2L diesel engine.

The Current Express 2500

Today, the Express, currently in its second generation, is available in three different versions, including the 2500 which comes with an extended-wheelbase option for up to 317 cubic feet of cargo space. It comes standard with a 4.8L V8, though other engines are optional including a tubodiesel V8 engine. While the Express is rather barebones in terms of features owing to purpose, drivers can choose to add quite a bit including keyless entry and Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

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