Discover Top Historic Places in Elgin, Illinois

October 25th, 2016 by

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If you’re looking for sites to visit behind the wheel of your Chevrolet, why not check out some of the plentiful historic places in Elgin?

Around Elgin, there are many historic landmarks where visitors can enjoy themselves and get a rich dose of history and culture. Take a look!

Historic Elgin

Among the sights to see in Elgin, the following historic sites should be added to your list of “must visits” the next time you’re looking for something to do in this delightful Illinois city:

The Elgin Watchmakers College
Elgin National Watch Company Observatory – 312 Watch St. – This observatory, built in 1910, was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1994. It was built to serve the Elgin National Watch Company, set up to scientifically track time according to the movement of the stars so watches made in the factory would be as accurate as possible.
Elgin Museum and Lord's Park
Lord Memorial Museum – 225 Grand Blvd. – Built in the year 1907, the Lord Memorial Museum currently holds the distinction of being the oldest building in Illinois that was built specifically to be a museum and is still used in that capacity. The museum was gifted to the citizens of Elgin by its creators, George and Mary Lord.
Wing Park Golf Course
Wing Park Golf Course – 1000 Wing St. – This is Illinois’ oldest operating public golf course, Wing Park Golf Course, was designed by Thomas Bendelow in 1908. It was designated a historic landmark in Elgin 100 years later, in 2008.

Alexander and Margaret McTavish Home– 650 Park St. – This colonial revival structure was the residence of an Elgin contractor and carpenter named Alexander McTavish. He worked for Steven Smith, the man who built a great number of the houses in the Lord’s Park neighborhood. The home of Alexander McTavish and his wife, Margaret, was designated as one of Elgin’s historic landmarks in 2003.

Take Your Historic Tour in Style

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