2016 Chevrolet Spark vs 2016 Fiat 500

2016 Chevrolet Spark

2016 Chevrolet Spark
2016 Fiat 500

2016 Fiat 500

Subcompacts are superstars when it comes to fuel efficiency and affordability, but elements of safety, warranty coverage, interior space, and ergonomics are also very important in a smaller car. Take a look as we compare these essential details in two base model subcompact front-runners: the 2016 Chevy Spark vs. the 2016 Fiat 500.

Advanced Safety

Whether you choose the Spark or the 500, you’ll get a respectable array of safety features, including a full airbag system, 4-wheel antilock brakes, traction control, electronic stability control, available rear parking sensors, daytime running lights, and plastic fuel tanks. Check out a few of the ways that the Spark and the 500 differ in safety:

  • The Spark offers height-adjustable front seatbelts with pretensioners, while the 500 does not.
  • The Spark includes OnStar with GPS technology that can automatically respond in the event of an emergency. While the 500 does include a navigation computer, there is no automatic emergency response system.
  • An available collision warning system and available lane departure warning are offered in the Spark LT Auto trim, which are both features not offered in the 500.

Warranties for More Peace of Mind

The Spark does indeed have a more extensive warranty and more coverage than the 500. Additionally, Chevrolet has 25 times more dealerships than Fiat, making warranty and service visits that much easier.

The Chevrolet Spark offers a powertrain warranty that extends for five years or 60,000 miles, a corrosion warranty for six years or 100,000 miles, and scheduled maintenance coverage for two years or 24,000 miles.

The Fiat 500, in contrast, includes a four-year or 50,000-mile powertrain warranty, a five-year or 100,000-mile corrosion warranty, and no scheduled maintenance coverage.

Roomy Cabin

Your passengers and cargo will thank you for every extra inch of space. The Spark also reigns supreme when it comes to living large in the cabin. You’ll find 83 cubic feet of passenger space inside the Spark, compared to just 74 in the 500. This amounts to up to 1.4 inches more rear headroom, 1.3 inches more rear legroom, 5.4 inches more rear hip room, 3.4 inches more rear shoulder room, 0.1 inches more front headroom, 1 inch more front legroom, 0.3 inches more front hip room, and 1.4 inches more front shoulder room.

Ergonomic Design

The way that the cabin ergonomics are designed can make all the difference between frustration and freedom during each drive. The Spark offers a few key features that the 500 does not that could come in very handy on a day-to-day basis:

  • Available one-touch power up/down driver’s window
  • Locking fuel door with remote release to prevent vandalism and fuel theft
  • Available Passive Entry with Keyless Start
  • Rear fixed intermittent windshield wiper with full on position
  • Easy-access armrest-mounted window controls
  • Automatic headlights

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