2016 Chevrolet City Express vs. 2016 Ford Transit Connect

2016 express cargo

2016 Chevrolet City Express
2016 transit connect

2016 Ford Transit Connect

Both the 2016 Chevy City Express and the 2016 Ford Transit Connect are passenger vans that are ready to get the job done, whatever your purpose. There are a few key elements that, while important to any driver, become especially important for passenger van purchases. Take a look at how these two popular models stack up in terms of warranties, performance, handling, capacity, and useful design.


Warranties are especially important for those using a passenger van for business. While it’s a close call between the City Express and the Transit Connect, the City Express pulls ahead with some added coverage features:

  • Chevy includes all scheduled maintenance for two years or 24,000 miles—a service that is sure to keep your van running better and longer if utilized. The Transit Connect does not have this feature.
  • The City Express has a six-year corrosion warranty, as opposed to the Transit Connect’s five-year plan.

Suspension and Handling

In order to get a consistently powerful and smooth ride, the performance elements must be outstanding on a passenger van. The City Express model’s wheelbase is 115.2 inches, while the Transit Connect’s wheelbase is only 104.8 inches. The longer wheelbase provides a smoother, more stable ride and helps make the City Express more efficient and maneuverable.

Cabin and Cargo Space

Passenger space is essential in a passenger van. Your passengers will appreciate the extra space where it counts in the Chevy City Express. You’ll also have more space for cargo. The City Express boasts more space and functionality than the Transit Connect in key areas:

  • The City Express contains 122.7 cubic feet of cargo space, compared to the Ford Transit Connect’s 103.9 cubic feet.
  • The City Express has a lower, 21.1-inch lift-over cargo hatch for easier loading and unloading, compared with a higher 22.5-inch lift-over in the Transit Connect.
  • The City Express stands 53 inches of height, versus Transit Connect’s maximum height of 49.7 inches.

Smart Ergonomics

When you spend long hours on the road, intelligent interior design is absolutely critical. The City Express offers a standard oil pressure gauge, which is a feature that is not available on the Transit Connect. The City Express also has a standard one-touch power driver window, which the Transit Connect doesn’t have, and standard remote mirrors, which are an extra cost in the Transit Connect. Finally, the City Express provides available steering wheel controls for the radio, which the Transit Connect does not offer.

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