Battle of the SUVs: 2015 Chevy Traverse vs. 2015 Honda Pilot

2015 Chevrolet TraverseThe 2015 Chevy Traverse and the 2015 Honda Pilot both rank at the top of the sport utility vehicle segment. Both offer great safety features, powerful engines, and spacious interiors. But which one is the true star? At Biggers Chevy, we compared the new Chevy Traverse LS FWD and Honda Pilot LX 2WD and concluded that the Chevy Traverse is the better buy. Continue reading to find out why!


Both vehicles feature V6 engines with front-wheel drive and antilock brakes. But the 2015 Chevy Traverse produces 281 horsepower and 266 lb.-ft. of torque, which is a big lead over the 250 horsepower and 253 lb.-ft. of torque of the 2015 Honda Pilot. In fact, the Pilot only offers a five-speed automatic transmission, while the Traverse offers a six-speed automatic transmission, standard.

While both the Pilot and Traverse include 17-inch wheels, the Traverse has larger tires with a lower profile for superior handling. The Traverse also has a wheelbase that’s almost 10 inches longer than the Pilot for better stability. The Traverse can tow up to 5,200 pounds, while the Pilot has a maximum of 4,500 pounds. The Traverse has the edge in terms of a powerful, comfortable ride.


Chevrolet vehicles are known for their generous warranties, so it’s no surprise that the 2015 Chevy Traverse warranty is equal or greater in every category than that of the 2015 Honda Pilot. Both vehicles have a Bumper-to-Bumper Limited Warranty of 36,000 miles or three years. The Traverse offers a Powertrain/Drivetrain Limited Warranty of 100,000 miles compared to 60,000 miles with the Pilot. The Traverse also shines in its Roadside Assistance Program category with 100,000 miles and five years under warranty. The Pilot pales in comparison at 36,000 miles and three years under warranty. You will save time, money, and stress knowing that you are thoroughly covered with a Chevy vehicle.


Both SUVs offer great standard safety equipment like Traction Control Systems, Electronic Stability Control, and Tire Pressure Monitor. However, only the 2015 Chevy Traverse offers telematics capabilities. The 2015 Honda Pilot does not offer any live response emergency system, while the Traverse comes with OnStar.

Also, both SUVs have advanced airbag systems, but the Traverse has available front seat center airbags. These separate the driver and front seat passenger during a crash, so each person is protected from all sides. The Traverse simply offers better protection in emergency situations.

Test Drive the Chevy Traverse Today

At Biggers Chevy we declare the 2015 Chevy Traverse the winner over the 2015 Honda Pilot. Its power, features, and warranty just can’t be beat. If you’d like to schedule a test drive, call us at 866-431-1555 or contact us online. We know you’ll be impressed!