2015 Chevrolet City Express vs. 2015 Ram Cargo Van

2015 Chevrolet City Express

2015 Chevrolet City Express
2015 Ram Cargo Van

2015 Ram Cargo Van

When you’ve got work to do, comfort, power, design, and capacity are all key in a vehicle. Those factors become even more important in a passenger van. We’ve put two popular models to the test in a head-to-head comparison. Check out how the safety, warranty, performance, space, and design aspects of the 2015 Chevy City Express and the 2015 Ram Cargo Van stack up against each other.

Safety and Warranty

Safety and warranty factors are important regardless of vehicle or purpose, but if you’re driving cargo and passengers around, they become even more important. The City Express and the Ram Cargo Van both offer full airbag systems, height-adjustable front seatbelts with pretensioners, front wheel drive, four-wheel anti-lock braking systems, traction control, as well as electronic stability control technology.

The City Express offers two critical safety features that the Ram Cargo Van does not. The City Express includes standard head airbag curtains and wide-angle convex blind spot mirrors. These features offer both accident prevention and protection.

Warranties can provide peace of mind. You’ll find the City Express includes some key factors that boost warranty attractiveness:

  • The City Express offers an additional year on its corrosion warranty, which lasts 6 years instead of the 5 years that the Ram Cargo Van offers.
  • You’ll find that there are more than 43% more Chevy dealerships in the U.S. than Ram dealerships. This makes it more convenient to find service, should you need it.
  • Chevy offers 2 years or 24,000 miles of scheduled maintenance, like oil and fluid changes, free of extra charge. Ram does not offer a comparable offer.

Performance and Handling

It’s all about power and maneuverability when it comes to larger passenger vehicles. You need the right suspension and features to get the job done. Here are a few fast facts on why the City Express offers a superior performance experience:

  • The City Express offers a turning circle that is 36.7 feet, which is 2.4 feet tighter than the Ram Cargo Van’s 39.1 feet.
  • The City Express includes speed-sensitive variable-assist power steering—technology that is not available on the Ram Cargo Van.
  • The City Express is nearly 900 pounds less than the Ram Cargo Van, making it more efficient and nimble.
  • The City Express is shorter, narrower, and more aerodynamic, all adding up to better handling and maneuverability.

Passenger and Cargo Space

The City Express offers more passenger space in key areas, including 1.9 inches more front headroom and 1.9 inches more front legroom. You’ll also be able to haul cargo more easily than the Ram Cargo Van because of a lower lift-over cargo hatch.

Ergonomic Design

There are a few smart design extras that are included in the City Express that aren’t included on the Ram Cargo Van, including:

  • Oil pressure gauge
  • Optional smartphone connectivity
  • One-touch power windows

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