A Chevy Collision Avoidance System Can Help You Avoid the Horrors of an Accident

The character walks in a menacing house where shadows and figures regularly lurk. In an attempt to unravel the mysterious horrors of the house, the protagonist approaches a closed door, where a shadow paces. The music provides a sense of foreboding, when suddenly it cuts. “What are you doing?” shouts one voice. “There’s a monster in there!” declares another voice followed by a “Go! Get out of there!” The character is scared, but walks away safely. In this trailer by Chevy, directed by Sam Raimi, the audience learns about the safety warnings provided by Chevy’s Collision Avoidance System.

Behind the Scenes

Known for his work in the cult-classic horror film Evil Dead, Sam Raimi directed the horror inspired trailer for Chevy. To make the trailer have the genuine feel of a horror film, Raimi directed the 60 second scene with a storyline, ominous lighting, and anxiety-raising music and screeches.

To involve movie-goers, Raimi created a break in the trailer where the protagonist listen to the audience. Although frightened, she walks away from a potentially disastrous and life-threatening situation—which is just what a Chevy collision avoidance system can do for you.

Collision Avoidance System Features

The available Chevy collision avoidance systems have an array of features to back you up during your drive. Both small cars and large SUVs like the Chevy Tahoe can be equipped with these advanced systems.

The system is perceptive toward pedestrians with a Front Pedestrian Alert that helps you come to a complete stop in a matter of a second to prevent a collision.

Drifting from your lane can be dangerous for you and the driver next to you; if you leave the lane without displaying the appropriate turn signal, Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning sounds a lively alarm and visual marker to warn you.

Merging at the right time can be tricky when there is an abundance of traffic and construction. With Side Blind Zone Alert, you can receive a warning about the wrong merging time if something is in your blind zone.

Biggers Chevy Can Help

While a Chevy collision avoidance system may not shout the same warnings as the movie trailer, it has numerous warning systems to guide you to safety. You don’t have to feel like an unsuspecting character in a horror film with a Chevy collision avoidance system. Come to Biggers Chevy for an advanced safety system today. Our contact form will let you message us and find out more information.