Auto Financing Elgin

Finance Your Car Purchase at Biggers Chevy in Elgin

Key, dollars and documents.

Biggers Chevrolet in Elgin specializes in selling new and used Chevy models, and offering convenient and easy auto financing for your new purchase. For any type of buyer, we offer different financing packages for different needs, custom tailored to your particular circumstances and payment expectations. We also are more convenient than most banks with night and weekend hours.

How Auto Financing Works

A car loan is similar to other types of installment loans like a mortgage. First, you decide on a down payment; many people trade in their current car for such. Then you work with the financing department to get approved and decide on a loan package. Auto loans can range from just a couple years to longer, with a shorter loan meaning you will pay less in interest, but with larger monthly payments.

Auto Financing Can Repair Bad Credit

The amount of interest you pay tends to be determined by your credit score. While people with bad credit will pay more in interest than others, successfully making payments is a great way to boost credit significantly. Because the stakes are higher than just using a credit card, making payments on time can, in some cases, take individuals out of the bad credit category.

Applying for Financing at Biggers Chevy

If you’re interested in applying for financing, it’s quite simple. You can either come to our dealership to talk directly with our financing department or you can apply ahead of time with our online application. This way you can see if you’ll receive approval before you come buy a car at our dealership.

Get the Financing Help You Need in Elgin

Biggers Chevrolet is located right in Elgin at 1385 East Chicago Street on the corner of Chicago and Shales Parkway. We’re next to Biggers Mitsubishi and across the street from Biggers Mazda and High Point Family Dentistry. Come visit our dealership soon and see how we can help you finance your next vehicle purchase! You can contact our dealership online or by calling (866) 431-1555.