Auto Financing Dundee

Biggers Chevy Offers Auto Financing Help to Dundee Drivers

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Are you looking to get financial assistance for your next purchase? Not only can Biggers Chevy help Dundee residents find their next new or used vehicle, we can also help you pay for it. Our Dundee-area finance department can help anyone find a loan package that meets their needs.

How Auto Financing Works

The credit card you use is considered a type of unsecured credit. While you may have a limit, you’ve made an agreement saying you’ll pay a certain amount. On the other hand, an auto loan is a type of installment credit. This is where you are loaned a specific amount of money and have fixed payments to be made over a set duration of time. Deciding on the time frame is generally up to the customer, as a shorter loan will mean more expensive payments, and longer loans meaning more in interest.

Applying for Financing at Biggers Chevy

There are two ways to go about securing financing. The first is the traditional way where you come to our dealership, and speak directly with our financing department. Most people don’t even tend to think of financing until after they’ve selected their car. The other option is to go ahead and apply for financing online. It’s fast and quite simple. Even if you don’t have great credit due to past bankruptcies or mistakes, we still encourage you to apply.

Financing Specials

Throughout the year, we offer new vehicle specials that include low financing rates. Keep looking at our website for different types of sales opportunities. You’ve probably heard car commercials advertise a 0.0% APR; these deals do occur during specific sales events for qualified buyers, so be sure to pay attention!

Come to Biggers Chevy Near Dundee

To learn more about your financing options and see our complete inventory, come to Biggers Chevy. We’re located in Elgin, Illinois, less than 20 minutes from Dundee. You can get to us by taking IL-31 south and making a left on West Chicago Street. We’re at 1385 East Chicago Street across from Biggers Mazda and High Point Family Dentistry. If you have any questions, you can reach us by calling (866) 431-1555.