Auto Financing Algonquin

Biggers Chevy Provides Auto Financing for Algonquin

Key, dollars and documents.

If you’re looking for your next vehicle in the greater Algonquin area, do you know where you’re going to securing your auto financing? At Biggers Chevy, you can find your next car and secure auto financing right at our dealership. Our financing department can connect individuals and families to a variety of different payment plans at competitive rates.

How an Auto Loan Works

Have you ever had a mortgage? What about a student loan? A car loan is another type of installment plan like these. You first must decide on how much you can put up for a down payment; people usually trade in a car to contribute to this amount. Then, you work with a financing agent to determine a repayment plan for the rest of the money with interest. Interest rates will be determined by an individual’s credit rating. While a person with bad credit pays more in interest, making payments will help increase their score.

Financing at Biggers Chevrolet

When you finance at Biggers Chevrolet, you’re treated to a level of care and convenience unavailable at your local bank. You can secure financing usually the same day you apply, and we offer convenient night and weekend hours unlike your bank. We also offer incentives on vehicles throughout the year, which can include financing as low as 0.0% APR.

How to Apply for Financing

You can apply for financing right now through our website to see if you get approved before you come looking for a car! Another option is to simply come to our dealership where you can meet with a representative of our financing department to discuss your options. Either way is perfectly fine with us.

Come to Biggers Chevy Near Algonquin

We’re less than 25 minutes south of Algonquin in nearby Elgin, Illinois, so it’s quite an easy drive. To get to us, all you have to do is take IL-31 South, and then make a left when you get to West Chicago Street. We’ll be at 1385 East Chicago Street, on the right, across from Biggers Mazda and High Point Family Dentistry. We hope to see you soon; please contact our dealership if you have questions.